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On ship. Heading to sea this afternoon for a week


Canada, we seem nice, but we’re hella into anal

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Quick and simple lifehacks.


Sometimes the greatest sarcasm is wasted. 

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what if anal was called a buttjob

Seattle has been unreal. Heading out to sea for a week tomorrow.



P!nk talking about Stupid Girls [2/2]

Don’t play dumb, even if they want you to.

Props to her for pointing out problematic behavior without putting down the women in general.



my best friend is an atheist, but whenever she is comforting me with something in my life she uses examples of God to help me because she knows it makes me feel better, and vice versa, when i comfort her i never bring up God because i respect that it’s not something that helps or works for her

i feel like this is a model of how the world should work

that is perfect

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The timing in which people enter your life is very important.

Anonymous said: If we would meet in real life we would go out and dance the night away. Yes or... Maybe. Maybe it would turn out a whole lot different. And now I'm doubting again should I send this or not... Okay send!

Dancing is always a good time though

Very awkward when the people you’re sharing a hotel room with think you’re asleep and then start having sex..

1:30 am. 12 beer in each with my buddy. 7 more need to go tonight. Beer pong until we’re out? I think so